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Choose based on convenient financial instruments! Take the plunge for daily earnings.

Welcome to the world of opportunities

ZMarket is your possibility to trade with zero commission

We understand traders’ needs, that is why we provide them with the financial instruments contributing to daily earnings. We also give the best trading conditions in the Forex market. So, our clients can utterly realize their business potential.  With us, you have an opportunity to trade 24/7. Take advantage to earn with a foolproof broker.

ZMarket is:

  • Zone of vast possibilities and advantages
  • Earnest broker you can rely on
  • Rapid way for daily earning
  • Obvious choice of smart traders
Start earning right now!

Trading Plans

Discover a new world of financial opportunities with ZMarket. Trading with us is your best decision. Let yourself daily earning!


  • if you just start

  • Commission 0%.
  • You will get negative balance protection.
  • The spreads start with 0.
  • Trading with MetaTrader  & WebTrader.
  • Trading Time 24/7.

Initial deposit200$


  • if you know what to do

  • Commission 0%.
  • You will get negative balance protection.
  • The spreads start with 0.
  • Trading with MetaTrader  & WebTrader.
  • Stop Out level 20%.
  • Trading Time 24/7.

Initial deposit1000$


  • if you trade great

  • Commission 0%.
  • The spreads start with 0.
  • Trading with MetaTrader & WebTrader.
  • You will be provided with personal account manager.
  • Leverage 1:30.
  • Trading Time 24/7.

Initial deposit5000$

Trade with us! It's quick and easy to get started even with a small deposit. Apply in minutes with our simple application process.



Trade on sturdy platforms for desktop & mobile. Our trading platforms give you direct access to global financial markets. They allow you to trade faster with a range of fundamental and technical tools.

  • MetaTrader

    Platform MetaTrader has all the essential trading tools. There is a vast range of instruments for technical analysis, news feed, and charts. Download MetaTrader, the most powerful platform for Forex & CFDs trading.
  • WebTrader

    On a web trading platform, you get handy functionality for work with the market orders. Get profits and stop possible losses at the most appropriate moment for you. Trade Forex and CFDs in your browser, without download.
  • MetaTrader Mobile

    Accessible and simple. Our powerful trading platform on your iOS or Android devices gives you access to markets everywhere you have an internet connection. Enjoy full MetaTrader account functionality whenever you want.


Trading with us, you will discover world markets. Our perfect trading conditions, customer service, and smart tools are always comprehensible to you no matter which market you trade.


Trade popular cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrency trading is the act of speculating on cryptocurrency price movements. At ZMarket you have the chance to trade a selection of leading cryptocurrencies. It means you can speculate on whether you believe the price will rise or fall. Perform quick operations with cryptocurrencies. Easy deposit and withdraw funds!


Explore the new opportunities
Stock trading is a form of investing. It prioritizes short-term profits over long-term gains. Stock traders buy and sell stocks to capitalize on daily price fluctuations. Stock trading offers opportunities for day traders with the right strategy. Investing can be one of the most efficient ways to build up one's net worth.


Discover the largest stock market
Indices are financial derivatives. They are calculated as a weighted average of share prices of top-performing companies listed on the exchange. The amount of money made or lost on trade depends on the size of your position and the market movement. Trading indices online is a great way to speculate on the world’s top financial markets and keep abreast of the top stock markets.

Forex Trading

Access the most liquid global markets
Forex trading is the currency exchange market. It is classic trading on the exchange rates difference. If you are looking to trade the foreign exchange market, you are in the right place. ZMarket gives you access to over 20 CFDs on currency pairs. We offer much more than just Forex trading!

Commodity Trading

Start trading gold and other popular commodities
Commodity markets offer several investment opportunities for retail traders. Our commodity exists with a "buy" price and a "sell" price. The difference between the prices is called the "spread". We bit you extremely low spreads. Investing in contract-based tradable goods is a reliable mean of risk mitigation.

Embrace every trade opportunity! Complete your application for a quick start. Trading with us is as easy as possible!

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